vendredi 29 novembre 2013

The convention (I'm late!)

I'm late! Sorry, I've been busy the last few days. But on the other hand, it gave me an idea. I rarely late at anything. I'm the kind of guy who's always half an hour ahead. I really hate being late and I decided to use this part of me as my character. So here it is...
Philip works for the government and loves it. He's organized and always in time. Most of the other workers in his department lack motivation. Philip likes to surprise people with how well organized he is. One day, his boss ask him to represent their department to the next international governmental clerk convention, the IGCC. Philip is really excited about this opportunity. Usually always calm, he suddenly hugs his boss and walk out of the office celebrating this "victory". As he realises almost everybody in the office looks at him dancing and jumping around, he calm down and walk to his cubicle acting like nothing happened.
Few minutes later, Tony, the laziest clerk in the office come in his cubicle to talk.
Tony: Hey! It looks like we are going to spend some time together.     
Philip: Sorry, what do you mean?
Tony: Dude, the boss didn't tell you? I'm going to the IG-sissy with you.
Philip: No! I mean, he would have told me if you...
Tony: NAaah! You know how he is. Don't want to hurt anyone and too shy to go there by himself. He's a sissy you know. He would have been the greatest International clerk sissy.
Philip: It's two letters. You know that!? C and C.
Tony: Anyway, it was nice meeting you. I need to go now, all the department is going for a beer at 5. See you Monday at the car rental company on the 5th street. Don't be late! HAHAH!
Tony leaves the cubicle.
Philip thinks about the fact that everybody is going for a beer and he didn't know about it. Then, he realises he really don't want to go with Tony to the convention. He jumps out of his cubicle but everybody already gone.
-That's how the story starts-
Then, Philip will be more and more annoyed by Tony on the way to the convention.
On the day of his presentation, Philip will be in worst position to arrive in time to the presentation. ( just think trouble with the mafia, he is far away, dirty, lost his speech and the rental car is destroyed, he has no cash, etc...)
Tony had a great time with Philip and thinks Philip enjoy it too. He consider Philip like a good friend now. Philip panic and blame Tony for everything. Tony find a way for Philip to get back to the convention but decide to don't go with him.
Philip run to the stage ready to make his presentation. On the stage, he starts reading his cards. Looks at the people in the crowd and realise they are all a little bit like Tony. Some are dirty, some are lazy, some are loud, etc... Philip drop his cards and starts talking about how the relationship in offices are awkward. He describes how he has been working for twelve years without noticing the others clerk around him and them without noticing him. He tells the story of his trip to this convention, how he made a friend and that this friend now on will be his motivation to go to work.
A guy stand up in the room and shouts he love him too, it's not Tony. Philip tells him it's not him. Another guy stands up and say the same thing, it's still not Tony. Another guy stand up but Philip stops him before he says anything.
Philip: Sorry guys, I would like to get to know you but the friend him talking about is Tony Jikinsky. I'm sorry I need to go and find him.
Philip find Tony in a weird place... or Tony come to the convention with fireworks, they hug under the fireworks while the crowd stand up. The fireworks starts going in all directions. Everybody panic and run away.
Then, it finish with a normal day of work for the new two friends.
The idea was to see  Philip struggles with being in time and organized so much that he would realise how it prevents himself from living his life freely. I made it short but I think it could be a great script. Maybe one day I'll do the full version.
I hope you enjoyed it!

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