vendredi 29 novembre 2013

The convention (I'm late!)

I'm late! Sorry, I've been busy the last few days. But on the other hand, it gave me an idea. I rarely late at anything. I'm the kind of guy who's always half an hour ahead. I really hate being late and I decided to use this part of me as my character. So here it is...
Philip works for the government and loves it. He's organized and always in time. Most of the other workers in his department lack motivation. Philip likes to surprise people with how well organized he is. One day, his boss ask him to represent their department to the next international governmental clerk convention, the IGCC. Philip is really excited about this opportunity. Usually always calm, he suddenly hugs his boss and walk out of the office celebrating this "victory". As he realises almost everybody in the office looks at him dancing and jumping around, he calm down and walk to his cubicle acting like nothing happened.
Few minutes later, Tony, the laziest clerk in the office come in his cubicle to talk.
Tony: Hey! It looks like we are going to spend some time together.     
Philip: Sorry, what do you mean?
Tony: Dude, the boss didn't tell you? I'm going to the IG-sissy with you.
Philip: No! I mean, he would have told me if you...
Tony: NAaah! You know how he is. Don't want to hurt anyone and too shy to go there by himself. He's a sissy you know. He would have been the greatest International clerk sissy.
Philip: It's two letters. You know that!? C and C.
Tony: Anyway, it was nice meeting you. I need to go now, all the department is going for a beer at 5. See you Monday at the car rental company on the 5th street. Don't be late! HAHAH!
Tony leaves the cubicle.
Philip thinks about the fact that everybody is going for a beer and he didn't know about it. Then, he realises he really don't want to go with Tony to the convention. He jumps out of his cubicle but everybody already gone.
-That's how the story starts-
Then, Philip will be more and more annoyed by Tony on the way to the convention.
On the day of his presentation, Philip will be in worst position to arrive in time to the presentation. ( just think trouble with the mafia, he is far away, dirty, lost his speech and the rental car is destroyed, he has no cash, etc...)
Tony had a great time with Philip and thinks Philip enjoy it too. He consider Philip like a good friend now. Philip panic and blame Tony for everything. Tony find a way for Philip to get back to the convention but decide to don't go with him.
Philip run to the stage ready to make his presentation. On the stage, he starts reading his cards. Looks at the people in the crowd and realise they are all a little bit like Tony. Some are dirty, some are lazy, some are loud, etc... Philip drop his cards and starts talking about how the relationship in offices are awkward. He describes how he has been working for twelve years without noticing the others clerk around him and them without noticing him. He tells the story of his trip to this convention, how he made a friend and that this friend now on will be his motivation to go to work.
A guy stand up in the room and shouts he love him too, it's not Tony. Philip tells him it's not him. Another guy stands up and say the same thing, it's still not Tony. Another guy stand up but Philip stops him before he says anything.
Philip: Sorry guys, I would like to get to know you but the friend him talking about is Tony Jikinsky. I'm sorry I need to go and find him.
Philip find Tony in a weird place... or Tony come to the convention with fireworks, they hug under the fireworks while the crowd stand up. The fireworks starts going in all directions. Everybody panic and run away.
Then, it finish with a normal day of work for the new two friends.
The idea was to see  Philip struggles with being in time and organized so much that he would realise how it prevents himself from living his life freely. I made it short but I think it could be a great script. Maybe one day I'll do the full version.
I hope you enjoyed it!

samedi 16 novembre 2013

Cats are better

A idea came to my mind this week. I was thinking how intense many girls react to animals, specially cats and dogs. I realize how funny the story of a guy and a cat competing for the love of a women could be. Plus, I wanted something abnormal.

So, the guy (let's call him Tom) has the ability to change into a cat and use it to be pet by his girlfriend (Sarah). After a certain time, the Sarah realize that Tom is never there when she's with the cat. She confront him and Tom says he hates cats. Sarah has to make a choice and she throws Tom out of her apartment. He turns into a cat and get back in when Sarah starts calling its cat name.

After some time, Sarah decides to date new guys. The cat makes sure it never works. One day, there is one guy too perfect (Paul) and the cat can't get rid of him. The cat choose to get back into its human form to appologise and seduce the girl again. The girl don't want to see Tom anymore. The cat don't know want to do anymore. As the girl and the new guy are about to make out, the cat change into Tom again in front of the girl. The girl shouts. The new guy want to kick Tom out of the apartment but Sarah tries to stop him. Paul gets angry and leaves. Sarah know now why she couldn't have a boyfriend and a cat at the same time. She wants to give another chance to Tom. Few day later, Tom arrives from work. He smells something weird. Sarah hides something behind her back. She shows Tom a new cat she bought to still have a cat around when he is in his human form. Tom looks the cats. The cat smiles. Tom is in trouble again. END! 

mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Pitch Designs

These are the designs I decided to work with for the pitch. I'll make model sheets for the four main characters. Finally, there is going to be a cat, a donkey, a pig and the pig's little sister (who's a chick not a pig).

vendredi 1 novembre 2013

Recipe Comic

I want to make a comic about a recipe. Here's the script:


At 9 am a Saturday morning, BIP BIP BIP! a clock rings. PETE wakes up looking at the readers. 
Hi guys! I'll show you one of my secret to a perfect Saturday morning.

Pete puts his slippers on. Wish a good morning to his toys collection and go to the kitchen.

The magic starts in the kitchen. First, you serve yourself a big glass of chocolate milk.

Pete drink a sip and smile with a mustache. He puts a super-hero apron. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup flour, 1 1/2 cup milk, 1 cup sugar, 1-2 teaspoon vanilla, 4-6 teaspoon melted butter, 2-3 teaspoon oil (canola or olive), 2 eggs and a pinch of salt.

Now, we are ready for cooking pancakes! You will need a big bowl, a coffee cup, a tea spoon, a whisk and a half-cup measurement spoon. I modified the recipe a bit to have less dishes to wash. Take the big bowl and mix 3 half-cup of flour, 2 half-cup of sugar and a big pinch of salt.

Pete mix the ingredients making a cloud of flour over the bowl.

We can now make an inverted volcano in our bowl. Push the flour in the center to make a hole and fill it 3 half-cup of lava... Oups! milk! I meant milk! and whisk until it's homogenous.

Pete pour lava making a hole in his counter.

Put 4-6 tea spoon of butter in a coffee cup and make it melt in the microwave. Let it cool down because it's probably too hot right now or not completely melted.

The BUTTER is melting in pain.

I'm melting! Aaaarrghhh...
We can now complete the recipe with two eggs, 2-3 teaspoon of oil, 1-2 teaspoon of vanilla and the butter. Whisk everything to make it as smooth as possible. The next day the mix will be perfect so you can do it in advance if you have time. The mix is ready! Put it in a pan and don't be frustrated by the first one. The first is always bad.
A PANCAKE is laughing madly in the pan.
HAHAHA! I'm so bad. Pure evil!

Pete sits on the couch with his mountain of pancake watching TV.
Finally, you eat the greatest pancakes watching cartoons in pajama. Have an amazing Saturday morning!

The Wizard Club

Four nerdy friends decides to train themselves to master magic in order to stop being bullied by the though knight and creatures living in their kingdom. Learning by mistake is certainly not the best way to learn magic but it can lead to unbelievably funny situations. The four friends starts a journey full of travels, enigmas, monsters and awesomeness.

There's a bird, a pig and a donkey. For the fourth one, I'm not sure yet. I thought it could be a hedgehog, a sloth or the bird little sister. I'll try to refine the designs. I'm not satisfy yet. The hedgehog look too much like the one in Simon's cat but I'll probably won't use it anyway.

mercredi 30 octobre 2013

A Real Pitch Is Coming


I'm so happy to see there is people coming on the blog. Feel free to give your comments (English and French is good, otherwise I'll google translate it).

I'm working on many animated series pitch right now. A new idea came to me and I don't want to keep it to myself. I want to share it with you guys to get your comments. I want to make it perfect and I can't do it alone. The synopsis is already written but I want to make some quick designs to make it real, not just words floating in the air.

I can't wait to work with you on this! :)


Run Ryan Run

In a future not so far...

Ryan runs as fast as he can. He looks behind from time to time but can't see anything abnormal. There is just the normal disintegration of the urban landscape fill with the dirt of ages. Ryan keeps running knowing something is coming even if he can't see it. He sees a gas station not too far on his way. He sprints as fast as he can and hide behind one of the pillar supporting the roof over the pumps. He takes his breath and looks behind him. A giant robot emerge from the deserted town landscape. The robot search something destroying everything on his way. Ryan tries to be as silent and still as he can be. He looking around for an escape. The robot gets closer. Ryan sees a huge damaged electric cable. Ryan starts running toward the wire hoping the robot will step on it. The robot starts running in Ryan's direction. He break the gas station roof in pieces with his torso and hit the pillar with his arms. Ryan runs while big parts of the roof fall around him. Ryan jumps to the ground avoiding being crushed by a part of the roof. He looks behind. The robots step near the electric wire but don't get shocked. When Ryan thinks it's over, the robot drag the wire with his foot and trip. As the robot fall, the wire stretch and breaking the  rubber layer. The robot get shocked and falls on Ryan. The roof falls down on the robot.  Dirt and silence surround the scene. Suddenly, Ryan is conscious but confuse. He tries to free himself from the debris. He looks on the ground and see his body unanimated. He looks his hands. It's the robot's hands. Ryan looks around and can't see the robot body. He sits on the broken roof, looking at his human body and trying to make sense of this.

In this wrecked future, hope has come out. Oil it, fix it and a new peace can be.

jeudi 17 octobre 2013

A Day Off

An image is often more effective than words. I decided to make a comic strip this week. I wanted to put him naked at one point but it didn't bring anything more to the story so I kept it this way. I hope you will like it!

mardi 8 octobre 2013

Once Upon A Pirate

Once upon a time a pirate wanted to rule over the seas.

One day while drunk driving his boat, he sailed right into a lighthouse. The light felt strangely attractive he told to the other pirates. His credibility as a pirate was ruined. Since the accident, the pirate was afraid of water. He almost drown because he didn't knew how to swim. Some laugh at him because he didn't knew how to swim and some laugh calling him a sissy. There weren't so nice with him. Being a pirate was after all mainly about pride... and treasures... and fights... and treasures... and drinking... and well... treasures. The pirate had broken his ship, lost all his treasures and most of all, his pride.

Sitting at a pirate bar, an old waitress tells him he must drink or leave. The pirate explain her the story and that he can't even afford a beer. Everybody laugh at him. The waitress whispers to his ear that she would trade him a beer for sex. As much as the pirate is disgusted at the old lady, he is pretty sure a beer will help him to get on the right track to become a proud pirate again. The next morning he wakes up and realise he stills in the old lady's bed. He shouts, the old lady wakes up and almost make a heart attack. He thinks about how he feels and he still don't feel like a pirate. The old lady tell him he actually never drank the beer, he fainted as soon as he saw it. While getting dressed, he ask to the old lady if they did it. She answers: "No but it's not too late!" and winks. The pirate is disgusted and run away.   

The pirate realise that he must get rid of his fear of water. He put his swimsuit and go to the beach. He stretch himself, get focus and starts running to the water. As he approach the water, he changes his mind and start running away. A wave touch his feet. At first, he shout in fear but slowly realise he is still alive and in one piece. He gets in the water up to his knee and have a hard time going further. A other wave hit him and without further notice, he is now in deep water and panicking. He starts sinking in the water and a wave push him back on the beach. After regaining consciousness, he looks at the sea and shouts: I don't trust you anymore! You, sea of a bitch!

With the pirate still laughing at him, not able to sleep at night and waking up too often in the old lady's bed; He decide to go at the pirate library to find a solution. He looks in every books about water, swimming and flotation systems. He try most of them but none of them works and at one point he's completely discouraged. As he shouts his rage in the library, the pirate librarian asks him to keep quiet. Taking him in pity, she ask him what he is looking for. He explain his problem and librarian whispers something to his ear. The pirate is excited and ran away in joy.

The next day, the pirate go to the pirate bar and spend the whole day eating in exchange for sex. At the end of the month, the old lady stops feeding him because he is too fat and not attractive anymore. He smiles and gets out of the bar. The pirate laugh at him but he doesn't care. Curious, they follow him to the docks where all the pirate boats are. The pirate gets naked. He is so fat now that he look like a big round ball of ham. The pirate stretch himself, gets focused and run toward the water. As he land in the water, his body creates a giant wave that breaks every pirates' boats.
Since then, there is one pirate in the history of pirates known to have rule the seas alone during one month floating through on the water because he was excessively fat.The pirate sadly died from a heart attack while being chewed by sharks. True story! (reference to Barney Stinson)

Thanks for reading!

jeudi 3 octobre 2013

The First

I start with an illustration. The blog will be more in text form than in any other form but I felt it needed something big to start. Here's Flash worst ennemies, flies.

A New Blog

Hi! I'm starting this blog because I would like to work as a story artist in animation (storyboard, script writing, directing. Creating series, film and comic books...).  This blog is kind of my training dojo. I'll write short stories everyweek on this blog. I'll also suggest books, story artist to keep an eye on and other story oriented websites. I hope you will enjoy it! Feel free to comment and help me in my adventure.