samedi 16 novembre 2013

Cats are better

A idea came to my mind this week. I was thinking how intense many girls react to animals, specially cats and dogs. I realize how funny the story of a guy and a cat competing for the love of a women could be. Plus, I wanted something abnormal.

So, the guy (let's call him Tom) has the ability to change into a cat and use it to be pet by his girlfriend (Sarah). After a certain time, the Sarah realize that Tom is never there when she's with the cat. She confront him and Tom says he hates cats. Sarah has to make a choice and she throws Tom out of her apartment. He turns into a cat and get back in when Sarah starts calling its cat name.

After some time, Sarah decides to date new guys. The cat makes sure it never works. One day, there is one guy too perfect (Paul) and the cat can't get rid of him. The cat choose to get back into its human form to appologise and seduce the girl again. The girl don't want to see Tom anymore. The cat don't know want to do anymore. As the girl and the new guy are about to make out, the cat change into Tom again in front of the girl. The girl shouts. The new guy want to kick Tom out of the apartment but Sarah tries to stop him. Paul gets angry and leaves. Sarah know now why she couldn't have a boyfriend and a cat at the same time. She wants to give another chance to Tom. Few day later, Tom arrives from work. He smells something weird. Sarah hides something behind her back. She shows Tom a new cat she bought to still have a cat around when he is in his human form. Tom looks the cats. The cat smiles. Tom is in trouble again. END! 

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