mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Run Ryan Run

In a future not so far...

Ryan runs as fast as he can. He looks behind from time to time but can't see anything abnormal. There is just the normal disintegration of the urban landscape fill with the dirt of ages. Ryan keeps running knowing something is coming even if he can't see it. He sees a gas station not too far on his way. He sprints as fast as he can and hide behind one of the pillar supporting the roof over the pumps. He takes his breath and looks behind him. A giant robot emerge from the deserted town landscape. The robot search something destroying everything on his way. Ryan tries to be as silent and still as he can be. He looking around for an escape. The robot gets closer. Ryan sees a huge damaged electric cable. Ryan starts running toward the wire hoping the robot will step on it. The robot starts running in Ryan's direction. He break the gas station roof in pieces with his torso and hit the pillar with his arms. Ryan runs while big parts of the roof fall around him. Ryan jumps to the ground avoiding being crushed by a part of the roof. He looks behind. The robots step near the electric wire but don't get shocked. When Ryan thinks it's over, the robot drag the wire with his foot and trip. As the robot fall, the wire stretch and breaking the  rubber layer. The robot get shocked and falls on Ryan. The roof falls down on the robot.  Dirt and silence surround the scene. Suddenly, Ryan is conscious but confuse. He tries to free himself from the debris. He looks on the ground and see his body unanimated. He looks his hands. It's the robot's hands. Ryan looks around and can't see the robot body. He sits on the broken roof, looking at his human body and trying to make sense of this.

In this wrecked future, hope has come out. Oil it, fix it and a new peace can be.

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